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Sherene’s Most Requested Conference Keynote and Presentation Topics

What makes Sherene a highly sought after keynote speaker? Authentic, informative and empowering, Sherene uses a fun, humorous and interactive style to engage audiences with her valuable leadership and life wisdom. Participants leave Sherene’s sessions energized and equipped with new ideas and great information to produce immediate results. Whether Sherene is delivering a keynote address, giving a full-day workshop or leading a breakout session, your people will stay engaged, laugh and learn with her most requested topics.

The Five Types of Employees: Utilizing Agile Leadership To Optimize Results

Even the best leaders are faced with difficult, distracted or disruptive employees whose behavior affects performance. Don’t let these employees upset the applecart for the whole team! Successful leaders respond strategically to employees in order to halt destructive actions and encourage behaviors that lead to success for the whole team. Hold individuals accountable. Get slackers to pull their weight. Protect your rock stars.
You will learn to: 
⦿ Adapt leadership strategies to fit employee type.
⦿ Hold employees accountable for tasks and results.
⦿ Halt disruptive behaviors before they destroy morale.
⦿ Protect high performers from burning out.
The Five Types of Employees: Agile Leadership
30-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders and Managers (also available as a breakout session up to one day)

Broaden Your Bandwidth: Smart Self-Care for
Avoiding Burnout

Passion and productivity take a hit when individuals feel frazzled, frayed or frustrated due to the pressures and demands of today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world and workplace. Whether your life is out of balance, burnout is looming or you simply need more minutes in your day, it's time to broaden your bandwidth. Leaders who take care of themselves and keep themselves energized and engaged operate from a position of strength and guide others in doing the same.
You will learn to:
⦿ Choose proactive attitudes and behaviors.
⦿ Set appropriate boundaries and say no graciously.
⦿ Develop strategies for restoring and renewing your energy.
⦿ Get more of what you need and want on a daily basis.
Broaden Your Bandwidth
30-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders, Managers and General Audiences (also available as a breakout session up to one day)


Become a Master Motivator: Engaging Employees and Reducing Turnover

High turnover rates can have a deep impact on your company’s bottom line. Would you like to be surrounded by happy, motivated employees who stay with your company for the long term? You can strategically create a workplace culture that boosts motivation and engagement, authentically recognizes and rewards good performance and reduces costly turnover.
You will learn to:
⦿ Create relationships that convey respect and appreciation.
⦿ Discover core motivators for each employee.
⦿ Develop a workplace culture that enhances motivation.
⦿ Decrease relational friction and frustration.
Becoming a Master Motivator
45-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders, Managers and General Audiences (also available as a breakout up to two hours)


Building on Strengths to Boost Success: Creating
Effective Teams

Creating an effective team is essential to success in any organization. Whether you have the opportunity to choose your team or the team is created for you, it’s your responsibility to as a leader to build relationships that increase effectiveness and boost productivity. When you understand how people are “wired” to make decisions and to interact with others, you can create a positive climate that leads your team to success. 
You will learn to:
⦿ Understand how personality type affects communication and decision-making.
⦿ Minimize conflict and frustration by focusing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
⦿ Build a team culture that values diverse styles.
⦿ Strategically position yourself and those you serve for long-term success.
Creating Effective Teams
 45-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders, Managers and General Audiences (also available as a breakout session)

No More Walking On Eggshells: Strategies and Solutions that Resolve Conflict

Conflict is inevitable in every relationship, whether personal or professional, but it doesn’t need to be a barrier to success. Effective leaders are able to skillfully navigate the conflict and problems that inevitably arise when managing people. When you learn to have tough conversations, hold people accountable, and argue productively, you'll create a high functioning team and work environment.
You will learn to:
⦿ Understand the importance of conflict in creating high performance environments.
⦿ Recognize early signs of conflict and intervene effectively before it escalates.
⦿ Empower employees to handle disagreements respectfully and constructively.
⦿ Create win-win solutions.
No More Walking on Eggshells
45-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders, Managers and General Audiences (also available as a breakout or workshop up to one day)

Communication for Results: Leading Productive Meetings

Are your meetings masterful or miserable? Skillful leaders use the power of the group to create consensus, make wise decisions, enhance engagement and build shared commitment to positive results. Don’t let your meetings be hijacked by dominators, delayed by distractions or deprived of the input from silent introverts. Create successful group communication that leads to positive results.
You will learn to:
⦿ Promote positive group relationships.
⦿ Manage time and people to keep your meeting moving.
⦿ Create maximum impact by ensuring balanced input.
⦿ Lead meetings that people actually want to attend.
Communication for Results: Leading Productive Meetings
 45-90 minutes
Best Audience: Leaders and Managers

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