Skills Will Be Remembered and Immediately Put To Use

"I'm so glad we hired Sherene. She taught our student leaders about healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that they will not only remember, but immediately put to use. She has a remarkable capacity to distill her message for leaders into its essential points and deliver it with humor and without distracting jargon. She taught in an hour what I have attempted to teach in multi-day workshops." Kathleen Dexter, Dean of Students, University of Maine Augusta

Learned To Hold Others Accountable Without Angering Them

“Sherene provided tools for us to gain insights about each other and to use that information to assign the right kinds of tasks to the right personalities. We also learned how to easily decode each other's clues, gain understanding, avoid frustration and burnout, and hold others accountable without angering them. Great stuff for any relationships whether it's the board, your coworkers, bosses, direct reports, or at home. I've heard similar material before but never from a PhD that spent her whole life studying, living, and teaching it.” Karen Paradis, Board Member / Leadership Workshop Coordinator, Lake Michigan Chapter Society of Telecommunications Engineers

Taught How to Actually Do Conflict Resolution

"Lots of speakers tell you the importance of conflict resolutions skills. Sherene is the speaker who taught me how to actually do conflict resolution. If you have any interaction, any sphere of influence, any work environment, there is great value to what Sherene shares." Roy Moore, Certified Salesforce Admin and Developer, TradeKing

Adds Value, Charms Audiences

Sherene is a thought-provoking, high-energy speaker who charms audiences with humor, motivation and compelling ideas. Our audiences found her presentation “interesting,” “enjoyable,” and even “divine!” We love to utilize speakers who help our organization add value, and look forward to having Sherene back very soon. Luann Dunsford, CEO Michigan Works! Association

Received Rave Reviews

“Sherene keynoted for our annual conference and also led a leadership webinar for state and national leaders with the Veterans Administration at the Arkansas Counseling Association 2015 Leadership Development Institute. The group met her style of presentation with rave reviews. Her enthusiasm and genuineness are clearly evident, and it really helps keep everyone's attention when she has delightful anecdotes and experiences to share about real life. If you want a keynote to get your group excited and interested, Sherene is the speaker you're looking for.”   Diane Baer, President of the Arkansas Counseling Association

Pleasure to Have as a Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sherene McHenry was the utmost pleasure to have as a keynote speaker at our recent conference. From the moment we met at the practice her upbeat attitude and ability to 'roll with the punches' was an added bonus! On the day of the event, Sherene arrived self-assured, able to relate to an audience of 200 attendees with effortlessness and just the right amount of humor and heart when diving into sensitive topics. Not only do you instantly know she's well-educated and relevant in her field of expertise, she also possesses everything you want in a public speaker. We received many compliments from our attendees stating they had learned so much and it was a great diversion to "all business" speakers. Sherene brought along copies of her book and book 'flash cards' which the attendees loved and took advantage of purchasing on the spot. I would be delighted to work with Sherene again in the future and highly recommend others to do the same." Jennifer Zerwer, Product Marketing Manager, True Value Company

Insights Into Both the Business World and Interpersonal Dynamics

“Sherene is a consummate professional who has insights into both the business world and interpersonal dynamics. She spoke to our group of women business leaders and their college-aged mentees and she was able to connect with everyone at a very personal level. Her presentation covered areas that were relevant to both well-established professionals and students about to begin their careers in business. On a personal level, Sherene displays the rare blend of empathy, insight, and the ability to discuss difficult issues in a thoughtful and self-assured way.” Dr. Alecia Billington, Leader of Talent and Organizational Development American Axle & Manufacturing

Sherene is Dynamic, Upbeat, and Knowledgeable

“Wingate University School of Pharmacy recently started a year-long mentorship program partnering students and practicing pharmacists. Sherene was the keynote speaker for our day long fall leadership retreat. She did a wonderful job! The students and pharmacists were very happy with the programming. Sherene is a dynamic, upbeat, and knowledgeable speaker. She was wonderful to work with during the planning stages and was very accommodating to our needs. We highly recommend Sherene as a speaker!” Dr. Jenn Wilson, Assistant Professor, Wingate University 

Knocked it Out of the Park

“Dynamic Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sherene McHenry knocked it out of the park with her AMAZING presentation. With HUMOR, Passion, and Real-Life examples, Dr. McHenry shared invaluable information to avoid burnout and avoid draining relationships so that you can set yourself, your business, and others up for long-term success! I highly recommend Dr. Sherene to achieve your BEST in business and interpersonal relationships!"  Janette Ghedotte, Founder and CEO, Accurate Body Language

I Felt As If Sherene Was Speaking Personally To Me!

“I have had the privilege of hearing Sherene speak as a keynote during the YPN Statewide Conference and her 2 Days to a Happier You Seminar. Both times I felt as if Sherene was speaking personally to me! Her perspective is refreshing and her ability to draw you in to her heart felt stories builds an important connection. The techniques she shares are great tools for becoming a great leader and communicator. I was also very impressed with Sherene’s ability to keep things moving and enjoyed that she too felt my time was important. After her seminar, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for dealing with difficult situations and for having an understanding of others while doing so. I absolutely recommend her seminars and as a keynote speaker. She adds an element of personal touch that is lacking in today’s world.” Darbi Gross, Project Manager, Isabella Bank

Methods Are Timeless and Easy to Use On an On-Going Basis 

“Dr. Sherene McHenry was the right consultant at the right time for our organization. She helped to significantly improve communication amongst team members. Her methods for improving communication are timeless and once learned, are easy to use on an on-going basis.” Brenda Rowley, Vice President For Operations, Rowleys Wholesale

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