Relational Leadership and Burnout Expert, Dr. Sherene McHenry 

When asked her college major, Sherene jokingly responds, “Extra-Curricular Activities.” A great undergraduate experience motivated her to begin her career as a student affairs professional. She then transitioned into being a full professor, and ultimately left academia to speak full time.
Long fascinated by relationships and success, it’s little wonder that Sherene was motivated to earn her PhD in Counselor Education. Throughout her career two things became clear: 1. When leadership is lacking, organizations and individuals suffer; and 2. Burnout, turnover and disengagement are avoidable and can be eradicated.
As an international speaker who keynotes for academic, business and professional organizations, Sherene passionately empowers, equips and inspires individuals and organizations to immediately begin to act and think differently.     
From president of her college Student Government Association to president of the National Speakers Association, Michigan, Sherene has lead and served numerous organizations. She’s the author of Pick: Choose to Create a Life You Love, The Busy Student’s Guide To College and Career Success, a monthly leadership and work place issues magazine column, and her Boost Your Leadership IQ blog, and has been cited in numerous publications including Speaker Magazine, Counseling Today and the Wall Street Journal.
Quick-witted and highly engaging, Sherene provides her clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to minimize miscommunications, decrease frustrations, and reduce burnout, disengagement and costly turnovers. Consistently garnering rave reviews, Sherene creates customized programs that are fast paced, fun and packed with immediately usable information.



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